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  • Men Doing and Undoing Gender at Work

Diversity of gender and race is not a serious focus in Silicon Valley

“Diversity of gender and race is not a serious focus in Silicon Valley,” says Shellye Archambeau, CEO of MetricStream. “We have the smartest, most innovative and courageous workforce in the world. If Silicon Valley wanted to solve this issue, it would be solved.” OpenMic’s February 2017 report, Breaking the Mold: Investing in Racial Diversity in [...]

Authentic Leadership and a View from the Top

This is the third in a three-part series by Elizabeth Derby, Senior Consultant at JBC, curating key takeaways from the Global Summit of Women’s 2017 Colloquium on Global Diversity, “Creating a Level Playing Field for Women.” The event saw Irene Natividad, President of the Global Summit of Women, bring together a distinguished collection of senior-level speakers who each shared [...]

Progressing Towards Success – Maximize Your ERG for Business Impact

Helping ERGs Grow: Sharing JBC Tools for Success We are excited to share with you highlights of a powerful Oct. 7, 2015 Jennifer Brown Consulting workshop that covered how effective Employee Resource Groups develop strategically. Entitled “Progressing Towards Success: Maximizing Your ERG for Business Impact,” the event drew a packed house of more than 120 people eager [...]

JBC Executive Recommends Conference As Way to Grow and Support LGBT Business

JBC Executive Recommends Conference As Way to Grow and Support LGBT Business There’s no better place to experience a truly inclusive business community than at the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) Conference, according to Jennifer Brown, CEO of Jennifer Brown Consulting (JBC). And if you work at it, she advises, you can [...]

Telling My Story to Build Inclusive Behaviors

June’s PRIDE month has just passed and there’s still no better time to tell a diversity story that shows just how much we all still struggle with coming out and are prone to stereotyping others. Yes, this particular tale applies even to those of us who preach inclusion for a living! And it emerged in [...]

Diversity Starter Kit for CEOs

We’ve developed the JBC Diversity Starter Kit for CEOsSM as a step-by-step guide for facilitating the D&I conversation with your CEO. The starter kit will help you encourage your CEO to ask and answer questions and affirm action steps—all in under 30 minutes. Use the starter kit and the attached exercise to find D&I stories [...]

Robert Beaven

Robert is a senior executive consultant focused on strategic business development and operational effectiveness. He has extensive experience working with C-suite executives, from founding partners of numerous startup organizations to senior leaders in healthcare innovation, to determine strategic vision and roadmaps for innovative initiatives in the areas of healthcare regulation, patient engagement, Triple Aim strategies, [...]

Desiree Dancy
Senior Consultant

Desiree Dancy is a recognized HR leader credited with partnering with senior leaders to drive the integration of diversity and inclusion, talent acquisition and performance/ talent management and learning and development strategies aligned with business goals and objectives.   Desiree has led diversity and inclusion initiatives by providing strategic and tactical leadership for companywide diversity [...]

Niki Garcia
Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Niki Gallagher-Garcia brings more than a decade of product and client management experience with her to the JBC team, where she is operating as the Sales and Marketing Coordinator. Niki worked previously in the insurance industry where she oversaw the design, implementation and marketing of numerous products and programs, in addition to managing strategic alliances [...]

Nikki Groom
Marketing Director

Nikki Groom first joined the Jennifer Brown Consulting team in late 2016.  A marketing consultant, brand strategist, and content marketing expert, she has over 14 years’ experience crafting compelling brand messages and unique online presences for all kinds of businesses on both sides of the Atlantic: from global corporations and small-to-medium-sized businesses to startups and solopreneurs, [...]