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Claire Tse: Evolving the Organizational Notion of “Fit” to “Welcomed”

Jennifer Brown Consulting is a global network of leading diversity and inclusion experts. Every quarter we present a Q&A profile of one of our team members living the mission of Welcomed, Valued, Respected, and Heard℠.  With more than 30 years of corporate and consulting experience, Claire Tse is a senior consultant who is an expert [...]

Do You Ask the Right Questions as an Effective Leader?

As the emerging diversity of leadership ideals continues to change the business world, powered especially by a question-asking Millennial generation, leaders are looking for tactics to not only engage employees, but also retain talent. One of the immediate actions leaders can take is to recast their purpose as question-makers, instead of question-takers.

Embracing Transgender Transparency

Transparent on Amazon Hollywood awards shows aren’t necessarily where we hear frank conversations about acceptance and authenticity, but Sunday’s 72nd Golden Globes refreshingly highlighted some of today’s most important civil rights issues. Feminism, discrimination, racism, and terrorism were acknowledged not only by popular hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, but also in compelling, [...]

Using ERGs to Retain the Millennial Workforce

This is the third post in the JBC Generational Business IssuesSM blog series. In his book, Tribes, author Seth Godin refers to the “tribe inside” when discussing how companies will discover future leaders, build trust, and empower workplace communities that form strong bonds around shared identities and interests. Godin contends that the workplace is being redefined [...]

Avoiding Dysfunctional “Family” Traits in LGBTQ Generations

This is the second post in the JBC Generational Business IssuesSM blog series. Defining generations in the workplace is sometimes easier said than done, especially now that five generations are coming together in the American workforce. Many of us are aware of where we fit in the continuum, and our generation’s shared reference points in [...]

Finding Space at the Table for Multiple Generations in the Workplace

This is the first post in the JBC Generational Business IssuesSM blog series. Each year turkey and pumpkin pie come together at a Thanksgiving table, and so do the different generations of family and friends. If you’re like the team at Jennifer Brown Consulting, we love observing various types of generational conversation: incessant texting, long-remembered stories, [...]

Out & Equal 2014: Powering the Next Generation of Diversity Ambassadors

When Apple CEO Tim Cook came out publicly last month, it set an unprecedented tone for last week’s annual Out & Equal Workplace Summit in San Francisco. As an attendee, I half expected Cook to make an appearance, seeing as the summit was in his backyard. Despite his absence, the summit celebrated the historic LGBT [...]

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