JBC Executive Recommends Conference As Way to Grow and Support LGBT Business

JBC Executive Recommends Conference As Way to Grow and Support LGBT Business There’s no better place to experience a truly inclusive business community than at the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) Conference, according to Jennifer Brown, CEO of Jennifer Brown Consulting (JBC). And if you work at it, she advises, you can [...]

Jennifer Brown’s Thoughts on Entrepreneurship: An Audience Member’s Perspective

On Wednesday, May 6, Jennifer Brown participated as a panelist along with five other accomplished woman founders and CEOs at New York City’s newly-renovated LGBT Community Center. The space served as a fresh and fitting location for a multi-generational group of successful women to come together and reflect upon their leadership journeys, including the course [...]

Join Jennifer Brown for this Metro New York O&E Event: From Covering Up our Identities to Bringing our Authentic Selves to Work

  July 9 – Dr. Yvette Burton from the Deloitte Center for Inclusion joins Kenji Yoshino, author & NYU Professor of Constitutional Law, to share valuable insights from a joint research project into how the pressure to conform prevents many of us from bringing our authentic selves to work. After these thought leaders present their personal experiences and their research findings, the audience will participate in round table discussions about how many of us cover in one or more of four areas that identify us with our group: Appearance (grooming, attire, mannerisms); Affiliation (behaviors); Advocacy (activities); and Association (individuals in our group). Participants will also receive a copy of the research study and have an opportunity to network after the discussions. Seating will be limited. Registration is required. Thanks to the Deloitte Center for Inclusion for helping facilitate this program, and to our generous sponsor Towers Watson. […]

Insight to Impact: A Next Generation Diversity & Inclusion Learning Experience

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Join us at NALC 2009!

Come out and hear Jennifer Brown and Tim Wikstrom at The Network & Affinity Leadership Congress in NYC February 25th and 26th, 2009. Are you attending or did you meet one of our consultants at a NALC event?  Send us an email: Here are the details: Wednesday Tim is speaking on the [...]