JBC Executive Recommends Conference As Way to Grow and Support LGBT Business

JBC Executive Recommends Conference As Way to Grow and Support LGBT Business There’s no better place to experience a truly inclusive business community than at the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) Conference, according to Jennifer Brown, CEO of Jennifer Brown Consulting (JBC). And if you work at it, she advises, you can [...]

Telling My Story to Build Inclusive Behaviors

June’s PRIDE month has just passed and there’s still no better time to tell a diversity story that shows just how much we all still struggle with coming out and are prone to stereotyping others. Yes, this particular tale applies even to those of us who preach inclusion for a living! And it emerged in [...]

Claire Tse: Evolving the Organizational Notion of “Fit” to “Welcomed”

Jennifer Brown Consulting is a global network of leading diversity and inclusion experts. Every quarter we present a Q&A profile of one of our team members living the mission of Welcomed, Valued, Respected, and Heard℠.  With more than 30 years of corporate and consulting experience, Claire Tse is a senior consultant who is an expert [...]

Jennifer quoted in the NY Times on lack of openly gay CEO’s

This article has been taken from the May 16th, 2014 NY Times online edition and can be read in its entirety on their website here.   Where Are the Gay Chief Executives? By CLAIRE CAIN MILLER May 16, 2014 UPDATE: This article has been revised to address the uncertain nature of “openly.” Some readers consider openly to include people who are out in their personal lives but not in the workplace; other readers, and the Human Rights Campaign, count only those who publicly identify themselves as gay. When the National Football League last week drafted its first openly gay player, Michael Sam, he joined a roster of recent firsts — from the first out nightly news and morning-television anchors, United States senator and pro-basketball player. But one major realm of society lags behind: corporate America. There are very few openly gay chief executives at the nation’s 1,000 biggest companies. While some might be out in their personal lives or be widely assumed to be gay, none has spoken publicly about it the way Mr. Sam and other public figures have, which signals how far behind corporate America still is. It may seem incongruous that corner offices trail, say, the testosterone-fueled world of N.F.L. linebackers in their apparent acceptance of homosexuality. But it serves as a reminder of how, even today, the business world is one of the slowest sectors of society to adopt new norms of acceptance — despite the fact that it keeps out some talented people, the lifeblood of companies. Just look at the progress of women and minorities in corporate America, decades after the women’s and civil rights movements. Even today, only 48 of the 1,000 largest companies — or 5 percent — have a woman in charge. The first African-American Fortune 500 chief executive ascended to his job a mere 15 years ago. And gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender executives face separate challenges breaking through the so-called pink ceiling. Their differences are often invisible. In some places, discrimination camouflaged as business strategy — “We’re tolerant, but our customers might not be” — is considered acceptable. Even as the gay rights movement progresses at a faster clip than civil rights movements before it, there is an overwhelming pressure in the workplace to hide one’s sexual orientation. “If we learned anything from the equal rights movements, it’s that legislation and policies are not enough,” said Deena Fidas, the director of Human Rights Campaign’s workplace equality program. “There has to be an actual culture of inclusion.” Policies are certainly on the books. Today, 91 percent of Fortune 500 companies include sexual orientation in their nondiscrimination policies, up from 61 percent in 2002, according to Human Rights Campaign. (Federal law does not protect against workplace discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.) […]

Jennifer featured on the ‘All the Social Ladies’ podcast

  Jennifer was recently interviewed by Carrie Kerpen, CEO of Likeable Media on the 'All the Social Ladies' podcast. You can check it out in iTunes! They talk about how Jennifer is leveraging social media personally and professionally and how she is leading the pack by trailblazing the diversity & inclusion space online. You will [...]

The DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity

Jennifer Brown Consulting clients make it to the DiversityInc Top 50 list. Find out how we can help you make next year's list!

Washington Employers 16th Annual NW Diversity Learning Series

Everybody In: The Inclusive Workplace Jennifer Brown Consulting's Senior Consultant Claire Tse is in Washington this week presenting Driving Business through ERGs and D/I Councils, Wednesday March 12th at the NWDLS Conference. About the NW Diversity Learning Series… The NW Diversity Learning Series is the recognized diversity education resource in the Northwest. As a collaborative [...]

Jennifer Brown joins Advisory Board for Racing Toward Diversity

Jennifer Brown Consulting is proud to announce that our CEO and Founder, Jennifer Brown, has joined the esteemed advisory board of Racing Toward Diversity Magazine. Founded by our good friend, colleague, and top social media influencer, Fields Jackson, Racing Toward Diversity Magazine showcases the best diversity efforts and initiatives being made today. Written with business and educational audiences in mind. Stories highlight messages from influential leaders and their organizations. With our concentration on driving strong relevant content through global social media platforms our quarterly magazine, daily newspaper and blog reaches over 3.5 million readers.

The Jennifer Brown Consulting Inclusion Model: Welcomed, Valued, Respected, and Heard. SM

Jennifer Brown Consulting is pleased to introduce the - Jennifer Brown Consulting Inclusion Model: Welcomed, Valued, Respected and Heard.SM To learn more about it, please watch the video below. If you have any questions or would like more information about Welcomed, Valued, Respected and Heard.SM please e-mail us or call us at 1-888-522-1599.

2013 New York SmartCEO Future 50 Awards

On November 25, 2013, more than 550 local executives joined SmartCEO in celebrating New York's fastest-growing companies at the New York Future 50 Awards ceremony held at Capitale. JBC is proud to recognize Jennifer Brown among the 2013 award winners! Held at Capitale, the New York Future 50 Awards ceremony (and title partner Barclays) honored [...]