More JBC Research Studies

Click here for a quick link to some of our ongoing research projects. We are always partnering with new Employee Resource Groups, Affinity Networks, and forward-thinking organizations to develop benchmarking, best practices, and high-level diversity & inclusion strategies that change the world in which we work. Click here for a sample of some of our [...]

JBC’s ERG Readiness Index Data Summary

Jennifer Brown Consulting, a diversity and leadership consulting firm, has developed a comprehensive study to help companies assess the readiness of their Employee Resource Groups to help drive business and impact bottom-­line business goals.

The LGBT ERG Survey

Recently JBC has produced research benchmarking studies for ERGs and affinity groups in the diversity space, and this month we are completing work on a survey that focuses specifically on LGBT ERGs. Stay tuned if you would like to participate!

  • JBC USBLN disabilities survey

Disability Networks: Take our Disabilities ERG Readiness Survey

Introduction JBC and the USBLN® believe that diversity, and ERGs in particular, will increasingly be the driving force of competitive businesses. JBC’s mission is to help Diversity and Inclusion Managers best leverage their ERGs in order to create business alignment for the ERGs which ultimately strengthens the companies and increases the ROI. In an effort to help leaders develop, enhance and leverage the expertise of Disabilities ERGs, JBC, in partnership with the USBLN®, is looking to do a deep-dive on the best practices of Disabilities ERGs. CLICK HERE TO TAKE OUR SURVEY NOW. What is the Disabilities ERG Readiness Survey? […]

How Corporate Affinity Groups Change Us — Voices from NALC

How Corporate Affinity Groups Change Us -- Voices from NALC

How Affinity Groups Transform Corporations

How Affinity Groups Transform Corporations - Voices from NALC

Retaining Talented Women on a Global Scale