Executive Sponsors Fuel High-Performing ERGs

Is your company looking for ways to turn friendly support groups into smarter, active teams that deliberately benefit the business?

Then pick up “Executive Sponsors Fuel High-Performing ERGs,” a new white paper by JBC. The study’s findings identify the roles and best practices Executive Sponsors can embrace as they lead Employee Resource Groups to reach […]

Diversity Starter Kit for CEOs

We’ve developed the JBC Diversity Starter Kit for CEOsSM as a step-by-step guide for facilitating the D&I conversation with your CEO. The starter kit will help you encourage your CEO to ask and answer questions and affirm action steps—all in under 30 minutes.

Use the starter kit and the attached exercise to find D&I stories […]

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Generations in the Workplace: The Next Wave of Diversity

Jennifer Brown partnered with Jae Requiro, National Manager of Diversity and Inclusion for Toyota Financial Services, at the11th annual NGLCC National Business & Leadership Conference in Las Vegas where they shared insights gleaned from our groundbreaking efforts focused on leading, working with and marketing to multiple generations.  Their session, entitled: “Generations in the Workplace: […]

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How to Engage LGBT ERGs in Supplier Diversity

Diversity practitioners from PepsiCo, Aetna and Johnson & Johnson discuss ERGs and the inclusion of LGBT businesses in supplier diversity initiatives.

JBC Allies Initiative: Allies ‘Come Out’

Just as LGBT employees have made great strides in creating more inclusive policies and practices at the corporate level, allies have quietly — and not so quietly —been laboring as well, bringing their influence as well as sweat equity to create organizational change.

Insight to Impact: Connecting D&I to Organizational Impact

Insight to Impact is a dynamic diversity and inclusion course that directly connects general D&I awareness with the creation of individual, team and organizational impact.

People want to feel valued at work, but connecting to clients, managers and colleagues has become increasingly challenging.

When employees feel connected, an organization has access to the discretionary effort that […]

Full Report: Cisco ERG Benchmarking Study

In a challenging and rapidly changing marketplace, ERG’s are often underutilized. These groups can support staff members and train new leaders while also bringing measurable results to their parent companies. They may provide cultural competency to reach new markets, discover the most relevant aspects of a new product or service or even help identify a company’s next big idea. ERG’s also help companies identify and retain a diverse staff, forge connections with a broad base of consumers, and create fresh approaches to the needs of a new generation.

Executive Summary: Cisco ERG Benchmarking Study

Jennifer Brown Consulting (JBC), a leader in the field of workplace diversity, has spent years partnering with Fortune 500 firms seeking to increase innovation while connecting employees. The result of those partnerships is an innovative approach to the development and utilization of Employee Resource Groups, or ERGs, to drive business.

Disability Affinity Groups

JBC is pleased to share with you Dr. Robert S. Rudney’s findings* on the advantages of Disability Affinity groups. In this 4-page piece, Dr. Rudney, a Senior Advisor with the United States Air Force, goes in-depth to share knowledge on what Disability Affinity Groups may offer members as well as organizations, and gives examples of these Disability Affinity Groups in Action. *The opinions expressed here are entirely those of the author and do not represent the views of the Air Force.

Disabilities ERG Readiness Survey Data Summary

Jennifer Brown Consulting, in partnership with USBLN, has developed a comprehensive study to help companies assess the state of Disabilities ERGs and how their practices and policies are positioning them to impact the overall business.