JBC Allies Initiative: Allies ‘Come Out’

Just as LGBT employees have made great strides in creating more inclusive policies and practices at the corporate level, allies have quietly — and not so quietly —been laboring as well, bringing their influence as well as sweat equity to create organizational change.

Insight to Impact: Connecting D&I to Organizational Impact

Insight to Impact is a dynamic diversity and inclusion course that directly connects general D&I awareness with the creation of individual, team and organizational impact. People want to feel valued at work, but connecting to clients, managers and colleagues has become increasingly challenging. When employees feel connected, an organization has access to the discretionary effort [...]

  • ERG Benchmarking External Report

Employee Resource Groups that Drive Business

In a challenging and rapidly changing marketplace, ERG’s are often underutilized. These groups can support staff members and train new leaders while also bringing measurable results to their parent companies. They may provide cultural competency to reach new markets, discover the most relevant aspects of a new product or service or even help identify a company’s next big idea. ERG’s also help companies identify and retain a diverse staff, forge connections with a broad base of consumers, and create fresh approaches to the needs of a new generation.