Claire Tse is a senior facilitator for JBC focused on helping groups from many different cultures work together efficiently and effectively. With a keen understanding of our changing workplace and marketplace and more than 30 years of corporate and consulting experience, Claire is an expert at identifying strategies to overcome generational, racial and gender biases so team members can develop both tactical and strategic successes.

She boasts a roster of U.S. and global clients and has worked throughout the United States, as well as in England, Puerto Rico, Taiwan, China and Brazil.  Her client list includes Aventis Gencell, Pfizer, Merck, BAE Systems Inc., Monsanto, US Secret Service, Ernst & Young LLP, Academy for Educational Development, Women Officers Professional Association, US Coast Guard, US Environmental Protection Agency, Georgetown University, various intelligence agencies, and the Department of Defense among others.

Committed to building the skills of younger generations, she also coaches new workforce entrants helping them develop their skills to navigate their corporate culture. Her bi-lingual abilities in English and Cantonese allows her to connect with people from global perspectives and to fulfill her passion of working on the leadership skills development of Asian and Pacific Islander professionals. She co-authored “The SOLVE Communication® Method” as a guide to support intercultural understanding to build trusting communication routes.

Claire received her Behavioral Psychology degree from Barnard College, Columbia University and a Masters of General Administration from University of Maryland University College. She is on the adjunct teaching staff of Georgetown University Center for Professional Development and is a Mortgage Bankers Association of America Faculty Fellow.