Claudia Sandoval has dedicated her professional life to partnering with innovative organizations to transform the lives of underserved populations. As an experienced strategist with extensive knowledge of and experience working within philanthropy and non-profit sectors, she is highly skilled at developing and implementing public-private partnerships. Her guiding belief is that a quality education is a fundamental right that enables youth to live their adult lives with dignity.

Currently, she manages COS Consulting where she leverages her expertise to expand organizations’ capacity through a wide range of services, including strategic planning, major initiative implementation, coaching, change management and search consulting.

Trusted partner with public agencies and community stakeholders. Savvy facilitator who ensures process, structure and relationships balance to effectively reach desired outcomes.

Previously, Claudia worked as a Senior Program Officer at the Stuart Foundation, where one of her core responsibilities was to collaborate with grantees to understand their organization’s mission and how that work aligned to the Foundation’s strategy. In her role, she coached and guided grantees through the grant development process in order to make a winning case for private investment to the Board and to help grantees understand the decision-making processes at family foundations.

Earlier, Claudia advised several Bay Area family and corporate foundations at Hirsch & Associates. Over 18 months, she led the conversion of a small, after-school career readiness program in four public high schools to a graduation requirement for all San Francisco Unified students. Plan Ahead is a semester-long curriculum, with aligned professional development for instructors, which began serving all San Francisco 9th graders in fall 2010. The course was developed jointly with the Gap Foundation, Pearson Foundation and San Francisco Unified to ensure students graduate high school with the skills to make informed decisions about their future.

While at Miami-Dade County Public Schools (MDCPS), Claudia served as a Special Assistant for Superintendent Rudolph F. Crew. Here she had the opportunity to participate as one of the nation’s leading educators translated his vision of educational equity into day-to-day practice. In her role, she aided senior staff in the design and implementation of strategic reforms. One key responsibility was leading the design and implementation of the District Health and Wellness Initiative. The Initiative had four major objectives: improved access to high-nutrient foods, increased physical activity, implementation of health literacy curriculum, and access to healthcare at school sites. To accomplish the last objective, MDCPS partnered with the Miami-Dade County Health Department and The Children’s Trust and created Health Connect in Our Schools (HCiOS), an ambitious program that provides a healthcare team composed of a nurse, social worker, and health aide in 331 schools. HCiOS links every child to a medical home and provides preventative care at school sites. This program continues with more than half of MDCPS schools using the healthcare teams.

Claudia holds a Master’s of Education from the Harvard University Graduate School of Education and a Bachelors of Arts in History and Bachelors of Arts in Ethnic Studies from the University of California, Berkeley. She is also a graduate of Coro Eastern Center Fellows Program. Claudia lives in San Francisco, CA.