Emily has been working as a creative marketing and social media strategist with Jennifer Brown Consulting since 2008. She has a strong focus on managing communities, planning strategic social media marketing, and creating loyal and engaged audiences. Her work extends to developing and managing processes in live virtual settings and across the social media landscape, helping with conference planning, communication strategies, sales efforts, and technical needs for Jennifer Brown Consulting’s broad client base. Prior to working with JBC, Emily worked for Goldman Sachs, Vonage, and academic institutions such as Columbia University, Bard College, and Seton Hall Law School. She’s also assisted with a variety of creative and financial start-ups that have been acquired by larger companies after becoming successful. Emily brings a fresh perspective to current media platforms, changing technology, and the way we interact with the connective fabric surrounding our client’s personal and professional lives.

Emily Nugent specializes in social media, media communications, research, personal branding, copy writing, marketing strategy, brand development, and using online tools for collaboration and e-learning. She enjoys directing the company’s marketing efforts and managing the company’s global online presence through social networking, strategic partnerships, and communication strategies. Emily also partners with other organizations to establish social networking strategies for major conferences, events, and networking groups with her strong project management, targeted social marketing strategies, and the implementation of collaborative software technology.

Emily began her career in Diversity & Inclusion by working as a Resident Advisor on campus while earning her B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies from Monmouth University. She has run independent programs, poetry readings, and music events around the United States, winning awards for her creative writing, digital marketing, and graphic design skills, while accruing her professional prowess. Emily now serves as our Millennial “social media guru,” coaching JBC clients in best practices, and manning the controls behind all of our interactive seminars, online meetings, and workshops.

In July 2014, Emily plans to add the title of “Working Mother” to her long list of accolades. When she isn’t running a webinar, managing a new client relationship, or leading a marketing strategy session, Emily can be found with her camera in hand, photographing weddings in the Tri-State region and volunteering as a photographer for non-profits like the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls in Brooklyn, NY. In addition to her second career as a professional photographer, Emily enjoys stand up paddle boarding at the Jersey Shore, volunteering for people with disabilities with her therapy dog (Penny), and playing gospel music on guitar with her family and friends.