Jonathan Saw draws on more than 20 years of marketing and communications experience, guiding clients through complex stakeholder challenges. His approach is grounded in evidence-based insights allowing for communications programs that can grow and evolve, in time with the face changing markets that today’s companies face. Comfortable with both quantitative and qualitative data, Jonathan’s core expertise lies in helping clients translate complex ideas and concepts, including statistics and data, into stakeholder relevant messaging integrated with actionable programs and initiatives.

Jonathan began his communications career at Deutsche Bank, helping position the Investment Banking division internally and externally.  He moved to Burson-Marsteller where he ran the industry relations program for Phillip Morris USA.  His move to Edelman’s Healthcare practice demonstrates his ability to quickly understand the intricacies of extremely varied industries.  At Edelman he brought his data driven approach first to clients such as Pfizer, then was tapped to do marketing for the Healthcare practice itself. He was also responsible for strategic planning for the Canada and Latin America regions. As an independent consultant, his clients have included Asia Society, Bank of America, Credit Suisse and KPMG.  All of which benefited from his data-based approach to evolve their programs and organizations.

Jonathan received his A.B. in social science from the University of California, Berkeley and his Master of International Affairs from the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University.

He lives in New York City, with his husband, Geoff.



Jonathan Saw and Associates, LLC, provides a full spectrum of research and process consulting to ensure your communications strategies are grounded in evidence-based insights and are optimized through the right channels. Going beyond the traditional palette of corporate communications to create systemic changes that keep time with the fast-paced reality of corporations today. Unencumbered by a rigid agency set-up and with a keen understanding of how stakeholders digest and use information, Jonathan Saw and Associates addresses your organization’s individual needs, from savvy counsel to seamless execution.

Research and Insights: Mining the right data is the first step toward building a powerful engagement strategy. Our experienced research consultants work with you to identify ideal subjects, develop and field the survey, and analyze the results within the context of the real-world industry landscape. We identify gaps in knowledge among key stakeholder groups and design a tailored approach that will give us the information to tell the right story. We then use survey findings to create research-backed strategies and anchor messaging, narratives, and materials in real results and insights.

Process Improvement: A sound communications strategy requires an efficient, streamlined information architecture. By auditing and analyzing your existing processes, we identify roadblocks, untapped avenues, and potential synergies to enhance your knowledge management. Our goals are to create efficiencies in the way you maintain and disseminate information and to improve your new business, partnership, and sponsorship opportunities.

Corporate Communications:Through our full suite of internal and external communications—including stakeholder mapping, channel analysis, crisis preparedness, thought leadership activities, Web and social media strategy, traditional media strategy, and materials development—we tell an engaging and consistent story tailored to your most important stakeholders.