Robert is a senior executive consultant focused on strategic business development and operational effectiveness. He has extensive experience working with C-suite executives, from founding partners of numerous startup organizations to senior leaders in healthcare innovation, to determine strategic vision and roadmaps for innovative initiatives in the areas of healthcare regulation, patient engagement, Triple Aim strategies, senior leadership development, diversity and inclusion. Robert is a strong cross-team facilitator who enables diverse groups to collaboratively align to ensure effective change management and thoughtful, impactful integration.

Robert has worked with senior leadership in numerous hospitals and QIOs to define effective strategies for continued success in the midst of evolving healthcare regulation, federal and private payment strategies, IHDN mergers and population health management models.

Robert has worked remotely throughout his career, and has been instrumental in helping companies develop effective strategies for working with remote teams, customers and consultants from around the globe using cloud services, video conferencing and collaboration tools and further the business’ agility to address the emerging mobile economy.

Robert spent two years as the top business development executive for Vree Health, LLC, an innovative start-up subsidiary of Merck & Co., focused on population health management services utilizing a SaaS-based technology platform. He was instrumental in defining the company’s position within the marketplace through strong relationships and insights gained from provider, payer and consumer segments. Robert worked with top executives at Planetree, Qualidigm, Griffin Hospital, and the Connecticut State Medical Society among others to develop integrated strategic plans that leveraged people, process and technology to meet Meaningful Use 2 requirements and set the stage for MU3 initiatives through strategic partnerships and programs. The collaboration included key health leaders, including physicians, CXO’s, and academic leaders as well as working remotely with the Vree executive team to define needed solutions using tactful candor and transparency in communications.

Recently, he worked remotely to co-found Vimty, Inc., a startup organization focused on enabling the conversation of advanced directives and end of life planning through cloud-based digital media. He was instrumental in working with ACO’s, payers, state and local government as well as organizations such as CSMS-IPA, Qualidigm and AHIP to design the optimal path to help patients and their families plan for their future. His technology team, who he help manage throughout the creation of the product and implementation process, was located in Ruse, Bulgaria.

Robert is currently involved in the early stages of business development for Jack Welch’s leadership training program, The Welch Way. He is continuing his education in the areas of Diversity, Authentic Leadership and Ethics to deepen his understanding of the challenges facing companies today including leading multi-generational and diverse global workforces.