Sam Trenka is known as a trusted advisor.  Her intuitive and  curious nature, combined with years of academic study and a broad range of business experience coalesce into a powerful blend of vision and action.  She thrives on engaging creative thought and manifesting great outcomes.

Sam has over 20 years of experience, inside and outside organizations, as an organizational consultant and as a personal success and leadership development coach.  As a coach and facilitator, Sam’s effectiveness is derived from her unique process, which facilitates client insight and professional growth in ways that directly impact the business.  Sam uses a variety of tools to encourage awareness, develop vision, identify and work through barriers, and move to action; enlivening today as tomorrow is created.

Her career includes many years in corporate leadership roles, several entrepreneurial endeavors and over 10 years of coaching.  This  unique combination of education, work and life experience make Sam a well-balanced, deeply aware, broadly applicable seasoned professional, capable of assessing, addressing, engaging and solving organizational and individual challenges.

Sam holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, a Masters of Education, a Juris Doctorate, and is a certified Co-Active Coach through the Coaches Training Institute, a trained Robbins Research International Elite Coach and a Marcus Buckingham Master Strengths Coach.

Some of Sam’s clients include Facebook, Sun Microsystems, Oracle, E Source, NURU, Thompson Reuter and AMD.