Jennifer Brown Consulting (JBC) is a global diversity and inclusion firm with a unique passion for building more inclusive workplaces and a deep expertise in all related aspects of human capital and talent management. We believe each and every employee, from emerging leaders to managers to C-suite executives, deserves to feel Welcomed, Valued, Respected, and HeardSM. Our vision is that businesses across the world would actively utilize the talents of their full workforce so that they get the absolute best out of each of their employees – in turn, helping everyone realize their true potential at work. We deliver customized strategic consulting, large-scale trainings, and one-on-one coaching while helping our clients build sustainable, authentic, and inclusive workplace environments. JBC is also known as a unique resource to employee resource groups/affinity groups/business resource groups, and was first to market with a professional development product offering that builds the future potential of these groups. Additionally, we lead the marketplace with our cutting edge and proprietary Jennifer Brown Consulting ERG Progression Model. SM Our best practices in leadership, diversity and inclusion and workplace innovation are tested from our broad client base where we keep our finger on the pulse of business practices, research, and trends. Our seasoned practitioners possess years of experience in these areas and are handpicked for each client engagement. Click here for a partial list of our clients.


Our Signature Practice Areas include:

Today’s leading-edge ERGs are increasingly focused on their  value as sources of innovation, tackling their company’s biggest business opportunities in ways that harness the unique power and perspective of ERGs. 

  • JBC is known as a unique resource to Employee Resource Groups/Affinity Groups/Business Resource Groups, and was first to market with a professional development product offering that builds the future potential of these groups.
  • Additionally, we lead the marketplace with our cutting edge and proprietary Jennifer Brown Consulting ERG Progression Model SM.
  • We specialize in delivering consulting and training that provides tools to grow from an ERG to more business-aligned BRGs.
  • Consulting can be done with cross-ERG leader groups as well as one-on-one group-specific coaching.
  • Development programs can range from 1-hour webinars to half-day or full-day sessions and are customized to the company’s current models, language, and case studies of success.
  • Related ERG Services:
    • Diversity Council creation, launch, and strategic support
    • Executive Sponsor identification, role preparation, and coaching
    • CEO and Executive Team briefings and message development
    • Cross-ERG initiatives and internal messaging
    • Transitioning from ERGs to BRGs

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The Best Opportunity You’ve Never Heard About: ERGs and the Development of Next Gen Women Leaders

ERGs need an executive-level sponsor who recognizes the group’s potential value and can help a group and its members tie in to business priorities. 

At Jennifer Brown Consulting, we work with clients to support executive sponsors with strategies that include:

  • Panel Discussion and Roundtable Facilitation
  • Speaker Preparation for diversity events
  • Diversity 101 Coaching for Executive Sponsors
  • Keynote Interview Sessions highlighting diversity & inclusion initiatives
  • Executive Coaching for diversity & inclusion concepts

High-Level Interview Televised During National Conference: 

Marquee General Session Interview with Jim Turley, Global Chairman and CEO of Ernst & Young on Inclusive Leadership and Leading From the Top. National conference (1,000+ attendees) plus extensive media coverage.  Watch the interview online here.

Allies create impact by advocating on behalf of under-represented workplace communities.

  • A term most commonly used in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (“LGBT”) community, allies refers to those who don’t identify as LGBT, but who share a commitment to inclusion for all, and who are eager to contribute to corporate inclusion efforts.
  • Forward-thinking organizations and individuals believe that ally engagement represents one of the newest, and perhaps most game-changing, trends in diversity and inclusion.
  • Just as LGBT employees have made great strides in creating more inclusive policies and practices at the corporate level, allies have quietly — and not so quietly —been laboring as well, bringing their influence as well as sweat equity to create organizational change.
  • Jennifer Brown Consulting has brought to market several ally initiatives around:
    • LGBT Advocacy in the Workplace
    • Executive Sponsorship
    • Leaders from outside an under-represented workplace population mentoring and speaking on behalf of minority groups as an allied sponsor
    • Executive-Level Men serving as Women’s Leadership Advocates


The founding members of a Men’s Ally effort at a Fortune 50 technology company contacted Jennifer Brown Consulting as a knowledgeable research and consulting partner and long-time supplier to assist in the development of a first-ever male executive community dedicated to increasing the number of visible male executive allies for diverse talent. 


Jennifer Brown Consulting created an extensive roadmap and training for the initial community members as well as survey development for data collection and a scalable rollout plan for the initiative. For this initiative we have partnered with subject matter expert and research partner on white men leading diversity, Chuck Shelton. Ongoing initiatives with client work and speaking engagements continue in this area.


“Leveraging Generations in the Workplace” customized and interactive training content for managers and individual contributors. 


In just four months, working closely with the client to pull real-time demographics and examples, Jennifer Brown Consulting designed and delivered a series of interactive three-hour facilitated sessions to over 3,000 employees, in 15 cities, of a leading financial services company, targeting its financial, customer service and regional operations. The company was seeking to challenge current assumptions made about the company’s generations, examining everything from talent management practices to customer service strategies, and developing a new awareness that would drive further employee engagement and innovation.  Jennifer Brown Consulting deployed 10 trainers, with a project management team of 5, to complete the project. 

The program received extremely positive evaluation and left a lasting impact in multiple business processes and market approaches.

Click here to download our whitepaper: New Strategies in Gen Y Recruitment.

Sustainable change can be accomplished at all levels of an organization.

At Jennifer Brown Consulting, we have deep experience working with companies, divisions and departments to assess the current state, to develop action plans to implement change, to deliver coaching at the C-suite level and training to the wider employee base in forms as varied as webinars, guidebooks and onsite group training sessions.

We help our clients to reach agreement on key organizational and individual behaviors and practices for building cross-functional collaboration.

We have also worked extensively with technology clients to create greater collaboration both among individuals and among departments within these large enterprises, providing strategic advisory services at the C-suite level while also providing training to the wider employee base.

Our expertise lies in linking inclusion to engagement.  Inclusion is a strongly correlated driver of engagement.

  • 70% of American workers are “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” at work:
    • Costs the U.S. between $450 billion to $550 billion each year in lost productivity
    • Disengaged employees are more likely to:
      • steal from their companies
      • negatively influence their coworkers
      • miss workdays
      • drive customers away
  • In 2014, nearly every organization utilizes an annual or biennial employee survey.  Beginning as opinion surveys 15 years ago, employee surveys are now more focused on the performance metric of employee engagement, which creates a percentage of higher differential contribution from employees.
  • We have significant experiences with focus groups, one-on-one interviewing and root cause analysis to help assess the pain points and diverse experiences of engagement and inclusion among various populations in a variety of organizations in all business segments.

Communication plans are an imperative component of creating organizational change.

  • Internal communications convey the Executive Team’s commitment to the planned change through a clearly articulated mission, statements of purpose and objectives that link the benefits of the planned change to the organization.
  • The right communications help to ensure excellence and to cultivate engagement; they also save time and money through the clarity of the message and effectiveness of the communication.
  • Enterprise-level initiatives, departmental launch initiatives and individual projects all benefit from a disciplined communications development and launch process.
  • At Jennifer Brown Consulting, we work with clients to create communications strategies that create an enhanced ability to:
    • Resolve conflicts
    • Leverage opportunities to combine efforts for cumulative impact
    • Develop collaborative relationships and structures in order to align and execute strategy cross-functionally
    • Generate a higher return on investment

Jennifer has organized, produced, and moderated a plethora of panel discussions in various settings and industries. Our team can offer support to conference moderators by recommending relevant research, fielding potential panelists, and providing Q&A development and coaching.

  • Example panel discussions have included:
    • LGBT Executive Sponsor and Allies – UBS, Target and Best Buy
    • Role of Employee Resource Groups in Innovation – Cisco and Thomson Reuters, Network and Affinity Leadership Congress
    • From Closet to Corner Office – Credit Suisse
    • Future of the Workforce – Multicultural Forum for Workplace Inclusion
    • Women’s Leadership Topics – Linkage Inc., Network of Executive Women
  • Jennifer speaks as an expert panelist on various topics including: Employee Engagement, Building Inclusive Workplaces, Workforce and Workplace of the Future, Generational Dynamics, Diverse Talent Recruitment and Retention Strategies.
  • Jennifer’s specialties lie in bringing out great stories from Engaging Executives in Inclusion, The Role of Chief Diversity Officer as Change Agent, ERGs Driving Business Impact, and Women’s Leadership – Profiling Success.
  • Because of our unique perspective in the marketplace, as a diverse supplier, we often present on topics tied to LGBT and Ally Engagement, with unique offerings in this area for conferences, town halls, and larger industry initiatives.

Jennifer Brown is sought after for her expertise.

Jennifer is widely quoted in the media on topics of diversity and inclusion, the changing demographics of the workforce, women’s career dynamics, and the LGBT landscape; her thought leadership on diversity in the workplace has appeared in leading media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, Crain’s Business, and Sirius Radio, Fox News, WCBS, and Better TVClick here to learn more.

Presentation Topics include:

  • Finding Your Voice in the Workplace℠
  • The Next Frontier: Allies – Acceleration and Impact
  • Harnessing the Power of Employee Resource Groups

Recent Speaking Engagements include:

  • Central Florida Diversity Learning Series
  • FINRA Diversity Summit
  • National Association of Asian MBAs Leadership Conference
  • National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce Conference
  • Network of Executive Women Leadership Summit
  • Network & Affinity Leadership Congress
  • Working Mother’s 2013 Multicultural Women’s National Conference
  • Global European LGBT Conference, Amsterdam
  • The Multicultural Forum on Workplace Diversity
  Jennifer Brown Consulting is proud to hold diverse supplier certifications by both the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) and the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC). Click here to read more about how this may be applicable to your organization.