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    Andrea Cummings

    Clients Services Manager

    Andrea is the daughter of Colombian and Peruvian immigrants and is an immigrant herself. Though she knew it would be challenging to move to another country, it is because of her parent’s resilience that she knew that despite her fears she could be successful. So in 2014, she decided to immigrate from Venezuela to Colorado.

    At a very young age, Andrea discovered her passion for helping people. This eventually led to her studying for a Bachelor in Organizational Psychology and Graduate Certificate in Human Capital Development. As a student leader, Andrea developed her leadership skills through her involvement in various student-led organizations, such as LatinX Student Alliance and Student Government. These activities allowed her to deepen her understanding of emotional intelligence and transformational leadership. Through her experience as an international student leader, LatinX woman, and immigrant, Andrea discovered the power one’s voice holds, which strengthened her ability to self-advocate and inspire through storytelling. Additionally, Andrea served as an Inclusive Excellence student representative, where she led conversations with stakeholders, co-creating inclusive student-leadership programs, and coordinating events that supported and empowered the student body. 

    For a number of years, Andrea struggled with her immigration status, which limited her work opportunities. As a result, she had to take jobs unrelated to the career she had prepared for and dreamt of. Nevertheless, she is grateful for each and every opportunity that she had as each contributed to her building the kind of resilience her parents had always modeled. 

    Andrea is also the co-founder of Brave Life Venture, a personal growth company for people in their twenties to explore and discover their passion, voice, and purpose so that they can design and live their authentic success. In her personal time, Andrea enjoys spending time with her family, cooking with her partner Charlie, and going on long sunset walks with her pup Noah.