Claire Tse



    Senior Consultant

    Claire Tse is a Jennifer Brown Consulting strategic partner and client-based lead located in Reston, VA. She is known for using her expertise as a multi-lingual master Organizational Development Consultant, leveraging her passion of infusing social neuroscience to optimize team performance. Starting with “Why” organizations are experiencing people problems, she facilitates strategic planning to uncover root causal factors, then collaborates with clients to make solid decisions to elevate employee and manager engagement to optimize performance by achieve mission both efficiently and effectively via multiple solutions identifying the “What” and the “How” sequentially.

    Her well-received, results-oriented deliverables include an infusion of global cultural intelligence, emotional quotient competency, pipeline forecasting, identifying the ROI of Talent Development, and a solid communication plan with an end-goal of talent optimization. Some of her workshops focus on Creativity & Innovation, Unconscious Bias, Global Team Cohesiveness, Cultural IQ, Transgender 101, Influencing Through Storytelling, and Resiliency have contributed to increased talent retention, improved business processes and aiding leaders to facilitate culture change using balanced techniques to honor both people and process. Claire creates learning experiences to incorporate user psychological comfort to increase communication routes for all by incorporating HBDI whole brain approaches into designs.

    Current clients include Fortune 100 companies, Federal and Local government and nonprofit organizations, with the majority of clients in middle management to senior executive roles.   Claire has clients throughout the United States, and in England, Puerto Rico, Taiwan, China, Colombia and Brazil. Her early years as Mobil Oil Corporation’s first Asian woman Marketing Representative offered Claire 15 years of in-house corporate life.

    Claire earned her Behavioral Psychology B.A. from Barnard College, Columbia University and a Masters of General Administration from University of Maryland University College. She is an EXCEL and Leading Edge instructor at Howard Community College and previously taught at the Georgetown University Center for Professional Development. Claire is a Commissioner-at-Large for the Fairfax County Small Business Commission, and on the McLean Community Players Board of Directors. She is the co-author of “The SOLVE Communication™ Method” to support intercultural understanding via culturally respectful dialogue.