Diya Khanna headshot



    Diversity & Equity Inclusion Strategist

    Diya is a Global Diversity Equity Inclusion speaker, facilitator, consultant with 20 years of experience in profit, non-profit, and tech. She worked at Amazon where she led CORE+ (Conversations on Race and Ethnicity), an annual internal conference for 1.3 million employees. Her work is focused on developing DEI programs, strategies, policies at scale. She has developed global work plans for 14 Employee Resource Groups and led courses on the Future of Work and How to Rebuild Workplaces from an Intersectional Lens. She is a proven subject matter expert and is known for big vision and tactical implementation.

    Diya has a life-long mission of increasing access and opportunity of people across race, ethnicity, nationality, gender identity, accessibility, sexual orientation, social class, military, status, religion, age, and language in every professional industry. She worked as a DEI consultant in Canada, Japan, Singapore, Germany and the US. She was a DEI columnist for The Seattle Times, a board member of the Asians@Amazon global board and was appointed to the Seattle Women’s Commission in 2018. 
    Diya received her Bachelor of Journalism from Ryerson University and Masters of Education with a focus on Curriculum Development from the Comparative and International Development Education Centre at University of Toronto. She has published papers on Anti-Racism Curriculum and Multicultural Education.