Gia Pendergraph



    Virtual Events Manager

    In her most recent role, Gia served as the Customer Success Manager at Recasher, a financial technology startup that helps small businesses strengthen relationships with their clients and expand their reach in the community. In the company’s infancy, Gia created the customer service department for 15 employees and 52 clients, all while overseeing the adoption, training, and management of Recasher’s software.

    As the Program Manager at the Reverence Project, a non-profit in Watts, California, she oversaw 6 programs that focused on providing innovative community-centric services to survivors of crime through healing-centered engagement, shared safety advocacy, and community leadership training. Besides managing programs, Gia helped with the delivery of shifting the social philosophical culture of shame, guilt, fear, and violence to a loving culture that embraces healing through truth, compassion, forgiveness, and a deeply internalized reverence for the spirit of humanity.

    Gia spent her early years in the foster care system, which made for a deeply personal experience as a Program Manager at the National Foster Youth Institute where she convened hundreds of foster youth, policymakers, and celebrities to improve child welfare policies.

    In her free time, she enjoys reading, picnics, and cooking new recipes.