Molly Creighton



    Data Analyst

    Molly Creighton is a prospective Master of Public Policy Student at University of Southern California’s Sol Price School of Public Policy. As an undergraduate student her studies focused on the intersection of policy and public health. During that time, she worked on jail reform initiatives in Alameda County, helping to implement a women’s health program within the county jail.

    During her studies at USC, she worked at the Price Center for Social Innovation conducting public policy research on criminal justice reform, homelessness, and other social justice policies. Her studies have focused on the intersection of mental health, incarceration, and social economic justice, seeking to adopt innovative solutions to some of our country’s biggest issues. She believes that big data can be harnessed to illuminate previously unheard narratives to help drive social change.

    Born and raised in the Bay Area, Molly currently resides in Los Angeles with her spouse and two kids. When she is not deep into large datasets, she enjoys exploring the outdoors with her dog. She hopes one day to travel the world.