Naomi Savas



    Virtual Event Producer

    Naomi graduated from the University of Michigan in 2020 earning her bachelor’s degree in Biopsychology, Cognition and Neuroscience. She also pursued her passion for DEI with a minor in Intergroup Relations (IGR) where she learned how to navigate difficult conversations about Race, Gender, Religion, Sexual Orientation, etc. She is excited to put her education to use at Jennifer Brown Consulting in her role as a Virtual Events Producer.

    Naomi has always surrounded herself with a diverse set of peers, consciously and continuously working to break down her own bias. In her research at Michigan’s IGR, Naomi learned how to transfer her previous knowledge on world relations into real business structural change and solutions. She often uses her voice to encourage her peers to have those “awkward” conversations about various identities, as she believes being comfortable in uncomfortable situations is a key life skill.

    Naomi is a born and raised Michigander currently working out of Detroit. She loves anything that involves the outdoors, whether that be Summertime boating, Wintertime skiing, or simply watching the sun set. As the Michigan Women’s Basketball Manager for 4 years, Naomi takes any chance she has to immerse herself in basketball – or sports in general.