Tash Thomas



    Senior Consultant

    Tash uses her lived experience and identity as a Black queer woman to continue the focus on diversity and inclusion in society and in the workplace. She provides valuable insight into how to remove barriers associated with diversity and constructively ensure that opportunities can be accessed with equity in both the workplace and wider in our local and global communities.

    Currently Director of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion at the European Coworking Assembly, Tash’s responsibilities lie in developing a working and actionable guideline for advancing D&I and creating safe spaces within the coworking industry.

    Tash is a seasoned and experienced speaker and panel member on equality and diversity discussions, and has spoken at events for organizations including the Women’s Equality Party UK, World Pride, and Skyscanner. She is also a trained Stonewall Role Model for Black and Asian and LGBTQ people. She is committed to amplifying underrepresented voices and is also co-founder of the digital platform, Breaking The Distance, a unique LGBTQIA+ Travel and relationship forum that provides a positive platform for the LGBTQIA+ community.