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Jennifer Brown Consulting is a global diversity and inclusion firm with a unique passion for building more inclusive workplaces and a deep expertise in all related aspects of human capital and talent management. We believe each and every employee, from emerging leaders to managers to C-suite executives, deserves to feel Welcomed, Valued, Respected, and HeardSM. Our vision is that businesses across the world would actively utilize the talents of their full workforce so that they get the absolute best out of each of their employees – in turn, helping everyone realize their true potential at work. We deliver customized strategic consulting, large-scale trainings, and one-on-one coaching while helping our clients build sustainable, authentic, and inclusive workplace environments. Learn what Jennifer Brown Consulting can offer your organization…


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If you are looking for a dynamic speaker to add to your speaker lineup, look no further! Jennifer Brown has been speaking on leadership, diversity & inclusion in the workplace for more than 10 years. Her signature talk Finding Your Voice in the Workplace SM has been heard by thousands and transformed the lives of many who have heard it. One of Jennifer’s many passions in life is to help build more inclusive workplaces for all and she aims to do just that through her speaking across the country.

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“I wanted to send you all a HUGE thank you for the training you delivered. It was the talk of the office the rest of the week as well as our off-site on Thursday. Everyone was using the language from the training; high context, low context, I’m a hugger (most common at the offsite). I have heard only good things and for most I have talked to, this was the highlight of the week.” – Shelley F
“Jennifer’s Keynote Speech at UCF’s Diversity Breakfast was enlightening and compelling. Thank you for your insights and the ones I took away from the breakfast after listening to her speak. Bringing all backgrounds together is being diverse, but accepting then that group together, free to each give their all, is more informative and helpful than any one of them alone could muster or provide–that’s the power of inclusion. And the beauty of inclusion.” – Unknown
“I wanted to take this chance to tell you in my 13 years at [company] the I&D training was the “BEST TRAINING” we have every had! It was engaging, eye opening and the time just flew by. Everyone was talking about it all week and learned a lot of new things from it. I honestly think this will help in team building moving forward.” – Beth M.
“TEDxSpringfield invited Jennifer Brown to give a Talk about diversity and inclusion in the workplace, as she came highly recommended by a company’s GLBT employee resource group. She immediately engaged the audience with her personal story about the loss of her singing voice and how that loss led to finding a greater calling in advancing inclusion in Corporate America – so employees can truly be themselves and perform their best work. What really drew the audience in though was her dedication to inclusion based on her own experiences.” – Jae. J