Group of individuals working together around a white table and staring at a large desktop computer screen at the end of the table.

    Our Monthly Calls for Inclusive Leaders

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    Why inclusion and equity matter now more than ever before


    Together, we'll explore:

    • What it means to lead inclusively during this unprecedented time
    • How the past few months have impacted the workplace
    • How we should advise our leaders and companies in general to respond to events, check in with and give voice to employees at this time, and address social injustice in the workplace and more broadly
    • How we can mobilize in solidarity with those who are being disproportionately affected right now
    • How leaders are currently communicating about and navigating the concurrent crises
    • How institutions can avoid performative allyship at a time when concrete, systems-changing actions are needed to combat racism, discrimination, and prejudice.