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    Senior Consultant

    Dan Nance is an ex-corporate CEO, ICF-certified executive coach, and a life-long diversity, equity & inclusion advocate. His personal life, education, and career live at the intersection of race, culture, business, and leadership in the U.S. and internationally.  

    Prior to becoming an independent organizational consultant to the C-Suite, Dan spent 20 years in senior leadership roles with global marketing communications firms (including McCann, J. Walter Thompson, and Publicis) and over 12 years at the division CEO level in the U.S. and internationally.

    As past CEO of two of the top 10 multicultural marketing firms in the U.S., Dan is one of the country’s top experts in helping companies understand, respect, and connect to their external diverse populations (Hispanic, Black, Asian, LGBT, etc.). Clients include Procter & Gamble, General Motors, Microsoft, Miller/Coors, Johnson & Johnson, DirecTV, and The Home Depot, among many others. 

    Over the years, while companies became more expert at serving their external diverse customers, Dan observed that they were lagging significantly behind in addressing their internal diversity gaps in culture and leadership. This insight inspired him to pivot his focus and launch his own consultancy in 2012 to help organizations accelerate the growth of diverse leaders internally and to create cultures of equity and inclusion where diverse talent can flourish and thrive. 

    Dan’s DEI consulting and coaching clients include Deloitte, Accenture, Virgin/Alaska Airlines, Boston Scientific, Stanford University, Panasonic, Toyota, City National Bank, Global Citizen, as well as clients in entertainment, government, and tech. 

    Dan’s unique combination of international C-Suite experience; career experience working in majority-minority organizations and as a top multicultural marketing consultant elevating diverse populations to be a priority for investment and growth in corporate America; life experience as a member of the LGBT community with deep lived experience with the Black, Hispanic, and Asian communities; and his privilege of being a White male with access to “backstage” conversations about race and a keen understanding of the spoken and often unspoken needs of White leaders leaning into DEI work; give him the ability to help bridge the diversity gaps in organizations to get the C-Suite “unstuck” and to support them to gain true DEI traction and success.