Ellyn Kerr



    Senior Consultant

    Ellyn Kerr (she/her/hers) brings over a decade of experience in learning, leadership development, and behavior design to her role as consultant and facilitator. A learning strategist for a global top-twenty university, high-performance coach, and counselor, she takes an evidence-based approach to learning and transformation, with a commitment to observable outcomes.

    Having collaborated with international leaders from a breadth of sectors, Ellyn has an intuitive understanding of the needs and cultures in varied industries. Previously, she served as a technical communications specialist and evangelist for biotech, pharmaceuticals, energy, defense, chemicals, agriculture, and manufacturing. She collaborated with global lobby organizations and leading science researchers as a founding advocate of the field of industrial biotechnology and launched and executive-edited the first dedicated research journal in the field.

    More recently, Ellyn has co-authored peer-reviewed work on the body and its role in learning, with a renowned researcher in equity in sport. Her consulting work in equity, diversity, inclusion, and access has focused on emotional and relational intelligence and psychological safety to allow the sometimes-challenging conversations that support meaningful change. She creates evidence-based frameworks to design and effect individual and organizational learning, drawing on social-cognitive neuroscience, trauma-informed psychology, and Indigenous wisdom.

    Ellyn holds graduate degrees in cell biology from McGill University and in science communications from Concordia, and professional certifications in numerous fields, including the neuroscience of leadership, somatic (body-informed) counseling and coaching, and relational facilitation.